The Georgetown Heckler

News | March 1, 2004

Sit-In Continues for Lone White-Gravenor Man


manThe longest student/alumni protest in recorded Georgetown history trudged on this week outside the White-Gravenor building. Although technically no longer a student – his status as such lapsed nearly sixty years ago – Tom Davenport (CAS ’47) is resolute in his condemnation of the Student Activities Commission’s refusal to acknowledge the Georgetown Chess Club.

“Does injustice take a day off?” remarked Davenport, regarding his relentless commitment to the protest he began near what is now the fish pond. He continued, “I’ll rest only when Georgetown students can play chess together, just like everyone else!”

SAC originally refused to grant the chess group club status due to lack of student interest shortly after its founding in 1946. Since then, the group has had student participation hover at close to four students.

Although visibly perturbed when discussing the matter, Davenport insists this is a peaceful protest. Witnesses remark that it is often even a silent protest. “As long as the administration can see me, I know I’m doing something,” exclaimed Davenport, “I’m staying right here.” And that is where he will stay, as SAC reports no plans to change the current status of the chess group.

What lessons can we learn from this patriarch of patience? Keep on keepin’ on, even for chess.