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News | September 21, 2014

Redskin’s Name Suspended Indefinitely Following Revelation of Wikipedia Link


WASHINGTON — The NFL suspended the Washington Redskin’s name indefinitely on Sunday following the revelation of a shocking Wikipedia article

The now controversial logo.

The now controversial logo.

linking the word “redskin” to the 522 year-long brutal oppression of Native Americans.


National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell reversed course after 82 years of unsanctioned activity by the team and told reporters Monday night that no one had not seen the Wikipedia article before it was released online by TMZ.


“I simply did not know.” said Roger Goodell facing reporters during a press conference last Thursday. “We didn’t have access to this information.”


The new link vividly details the suffering of Native Americans over the course of more than five centuries, beginning with their enslavement by Christopher Columbus and concluding with current-day abject poverty that afflicts Native Americans across the United States.


The Wikipedia article, entitled “Native Americans in the United States,” was made available for public viewing on Sunday and has sparked outrage since its surfacing.


Goodell said that he had not had this information earlier despite repeated requests and attempts “to receive information on the past treatment of Native Americans and their ties to the Redskin’s name.”


The commissioner, who has recently come under fire for failing to handle numerous situations in a reasonable and professional manner, denied reports that he had been informed earlier about the situation and dismissed accusations that he had taken part in several courses in American history and is a functioning member of society.


“When [League Executives and I] got to the part on “Removals and Reservations,” we were all visibly sick. The League cannot condone this behavior,” said Goodell.


Goodell promised to initiate sweeping reforms for any team guilty of using a derogatory term or image as its name or logo.


“To think I used to believe malaria blankets were a kind of African quilt.” remarked Goodell, dismissing the deaths of millions with a chuckle and a wave of his hand during an interview with CNN.


At press time, Goodell was reportedly walking around the NFL administrative offices saying, “Wow! Did you guys know Johnny Depp is part Native American?” and watching “The Lone Ranger” as part of his plan to become more culturally aware.