The Georgetown Heckler

News | November 12, 2014

White, Upper Class Tour Guide from New Jersey Touts Georgetown’s Diversity to White, Upper Class Tour Group from New Jersey


COPLEY LAWN – At approximately 11 am this morning newly-trained tour guide Jon Diamond (COL ‘16), a caucasian, upper class resident hailing from Wyckoff, New Jersey was heard touting Georgetown’s diversity to a visiting group of upper class caucasian high schoolers and their parents from Ridgewood, New Jersey.

Diamond described his "Hoya Saxa" moment as connecting with someone who went to his rival boarding school.

Diamond described his “Hoya Saxa” moment as connecting with someone who went to his rival boarding school.


Diamond reportedly talked about the “crazy” eclectic mix of people he had encountered who attend Georgetown while passing several dozen Georgetown students who attended the same network of private boarding schools.


During several points of their procession around campus Diamond mentioned how he had “a bit of culture shock with how different [they] were” when he first met his freshman roommate who went to a public school in Oakland, New Jersey but in the end the pairing “really helped [him] gain a whole new perspective.”


“He taught me so much,” said Diamond about the individual from the same socioeconomic background who lives 20 minutes from him at home.


Diamond was heard showcasing “the rich heritage of [on campus] culturally-diverse events such as Rangila,” a South Asian dance event dominated by caucasians from New England.


Throughout the tour Diamond mentioned several cultural organization such as the Black Student Alliance and the Latin American Student Association and showcased the group’s dynamic on-campus presence and events by saying that they are “organizations here.”


After the tour, several worried parents were assured by Diamond that caucasian students from wealthy New England backgrounds would be able to fit in on Georgetown’s campus.