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News | November 18, 2014

MSB Offering 7 Credit Course entitled “Academic Eligibility”


HARIRI —  In an unexpected announcement, the McDonough School of Business will begin offering a seven-credit course entitled “Academic Eligibility” in the Marketing department in the spring of 2015.


University Registrar praised the new course as “ground breaking” and “totally legitimate.”

The Heckler has obtained an exclusive copy of the syllabus.

The Heckler has obtained an exclusive copy of the syllabus.


The course, brainchild of Basketball Coach John Thompson III, was available this preregistration and x-listed for “Student-Athletes.”


Sophomore Jacob Adams (MSB ’17) attempted to pre-register for the class but noted: “all of the spots are already full.”


Adams shrugged and added, “I guess athlete pre-registration already ended.”


At present, the course currently has all 99 seats full with a 143-person waitlist.  The registrar brushed off Adams’ and others’ concerns saying that such a demand was purely “a coincidence” and that it most likely “just fit the athletes’ practice schedules better or something.”


The class, which meets the first Monday of every month for a half hour listed its classroom location as “WISEMILLER’S DELI 001.”


Its syllabus lists several optional readings as well as an optional take-home final with 95% of the grade dependent on participation.


The course’s professor William Daniels (COL ’84), who has an easiness of 5.1 on, was a Georgetown student during the school’s heyday, including its national championship year and is a noted booster.


“I just want to give today’s students the same feeling I had when I was here of school success… in marketing,” said Daniels pausing to look over his 1984 Championship banners hung throughout his classroom.


“By teaching, of course” he added.