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News | December 7, 2014

Redskins to Bench Colt McCoy in Favor of No One



WASHINGTON — The Redskins are planning to bench quarterback Colt McCoy next Sunday at New York in favor of their fourth string quarterback, no one, reports ESPN’s Adam Schefter. McCoy, who had a quarterback rating of 54.0 today, turned the ball over twice and took six sacks. No one, the Redskin’s first round draft pick in 2014, has been lauded by Coach Jay Gruden. “With no one at quarterback, we can expect to see a decrease in turnovers. I think no one will do a great job. The guys in the locker room have been talking for weeks now about how no one can lead this team,” stated Gruden in a press conference after the game. At press time no one could be heard talking with reporters about how happy he was to be playing for such an exciting franchise.