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News | December 14, 2014

Internet Commenter BONERPILLZ__xo90 Offers Insightful Commentary About Race Relations In America



THE COMMENTS SECTION – Amongst the chaos of the internet storm erupting from recent trials, internet commenter BONERPILLZ__xo90 has offered insightful commentary about race relations on chat forums across the web. “The promulgation of racially charged stereotypes has created a hyperreality in which media impedes truth seeking and polarizes the masses to see issues in a black and white way,” commented BONERPILLZ__xo90 on a recent CNN article about analysis of the testimony a Missouri grand jury heard. Experts in the field are largely in consensus that BONERPILLZ__xo90, whose other interests include Hentai, German Dungeon Porn, and the Washington Redskins according to his online profile, is “bound to change the hearts and minds of many close minded individuals” with his recent online civic engagement. Response to the comment has been generally positive besides xxxSUGADADEE6969 who says that the post is “fake and gay.”