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News | April 11, 2015

SAC Adds 75 Foot Obstacle Course to Funding Application


obstacle course


LEAVEY CENTER: A policy change made by SAC today altered the HoyaLink Event Application Form, or EAF, to include a 75 foot obstacle course, located on the 3rd floor of the Leavey center. The course, which will include a moat, a tire course, and a CSE worker building a literal stone wall in front of the goal, was deemed by the commission to be a “logical next step” in club funding.


“We already require an extensive paperwork trail from all club treasurers,” said Connor Maytnier (COL ’16), SAC Chair. “Clubs submit EAFs, keep in contact with their SAC Commissioners and Center for Student Engagement Advisors, track finances on Hoyalink, make sure their events are marked off on the SAC Google doc, and that’s before they even start calculating their off-the-books slush. We figured that if they’re going to suffer, they may as well suffer for our amusement.”


Under the new policy, all students must finish the challenge within 2 minutes in order for their form to be considered complete. Students with disabilities may instead request funds by meeting with their CSE advisor, which was deemed to be “equivalently taxing.”