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News | October 15, 2015

Historians Discover Christopher Columbus’s Study Abroad Blog



CARIBBEAN—This past Thursday, historians uncovered what they have determined to be the study abroad blog written in 1492 by Christopher Columbus on the topic of his travel to and discovery of the Americas. “Almost every blog entry includes a portrait of Columbus with an alcoholic beverage and a scenic backdrop,” noted Richard Dulles, one of the historians assigned to the project. “Like, we get it. The Americas had no drinking age while all your friends had to follow strict Spanish laws.” The portraits included on Columbus’s blog elucidated clear gaps in the historical record as to how he spent his time abroad in the Americas. “From what I can tell, Columbus mainly interacted with the other Spanish guys from the ship. In my opinion, going abroad is all about interacting with the locals, you know? The few indigenous Americans that pose with Columbus are definitely keeping their distance, like he has the plague or something,” observed historian Will Grady. Previous to the blog’s discovery, it appears that the only person who took an interest in reports of the New World was Columbus’s grandmother.