The Georgetown Heckler

News | May 17, 2016

Despite Recent Progress, Blind Crime-Fighting Lawyers Remain Vastly Underrepresented Minority on Television



While Marvel’s Daredevil television series has made historic strides in the representation of mutilated lawyer-heroes in popular media, activists continue to push for more public exposure of the group in television and movies. “The sight-impaired, legal vigilante community is continually boxed out of Hollywood,” said Rick Rockwood, a corporate contract lawyer by day and a justice-fiend out for vengeance by night. “Is it that hard to write mainstream roles for people like us? Is it really impossible to imagine one of the many blind, martial arts trained J.D.’s starring opposite Kate Hudson in a summer rom-com?” Rockwood went on to say that increased representation is not just symbolic, but can lead to substantive change. He explained, “Picture yourself as a young kid who also had a mystery radioactive substance spilled in his face in a freak accident while saving a man’s life. Seeing your reflection in shows like Daredevil might also give you law school no holds barred ass-kicking aspirations.” Rockwood added that movies like The Avengers added to the problem by creating unrealistic expectations for Asgardian thunder gods.