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News | August 14, 2016

Enough is Enough: My 1-Year-Old Son Needs to Say “Radical Islam” or at least “Dada”


radical islam


I love my son, but in the 353 days since his birth, he has not once used the phrase “Radical Islam” nor has he said “Dada.” I never thought I would be a parent raising an anti-American baby, but I suppose that this is reality. My son is so immersed in the politically correct culture that is sweeping our nation’s youths that he refuses even to address global terrorists as “Radical Islamists” and he is so embarrassed by his values-loving father that he won’t even address me as “Dada.” Just the other day when his mother picked him up and mumbled some gibberish in his face, it would have been the perfect time for him to just say “Radical Islam,” but instead he took the opportunity to say some bullshit like “Mama.” Yeah, kiddo? “Mama?” Real original, I guess you don’t give a shit about the jihadists knocking on our backdoor. Of course, when I pick him up and try to get him to say “Daddy” or “Pa” or “Radical Islam” or anything that would signify his unconditional love for me as his biological father, he suddenly gets all lockjaw on me and can’t mutter anything. Hell, he usually starts crying like the little liberal bitch he is, but I guess that’s just how kids come out in the year 2016.