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News | August 30, 2016

NSO Guide: Fashion Dos and Don’ts for the Hilltop



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…bring your own clothes.  Lots of things come included in your tuition, but having a full and personalized wardrobe is up to you.  



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…wear a shirt covered in blood.  It’s unnecessary.  NSO leaders are trained in coming up with ice-breakers, so drawing questions about the source of the blood might be jumping the gun.



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Google “Georgetown University students” and make sure that you and your ethnically diverse friend group wear either a school spirit related t-shirt, or something with stripes so that you can engage with anyone on campus with either a “Hoya Saxa!” or a “Hoya Stripesa!” Also be sure to either talk or laugh at all times when spending time with friends. This is critical to forming new friendships.



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…dress like the pope.  It’s a bit showy.  This is a common mistake for freshmen – given Georgetown’s Jesuit identity and the competitive spirit that drives Hoyas, many try to boast how close they are personally with G-d.  Even worse, it’s impossible to get a good pallium cleaning in town.