The Georgetown Heckler

News | September 12, 2016

Director of Hindu Life Moves to Darnall to Demonstrate Commitment to Austere Living



NEW SOUTH – Calmly packing his few belongings, Georgetown’s new Director of Hindu Life, Brahmachari Vrajvihari Sharan, took great care to explain the reason for his move to Darnall Hall. “The search for the achievement of the liberated self, or atman, requires an examination of both the world around and oneself,” Sharan said as he gently placed a worn and annotated copy of The Vedas into his bag, “The search begins with a home absolutely void of comfort and amenities, as to not distract from that examination.”

Sharan is a follower of Brahmacharya, and has committed himself to achieving moksha, or spiritual enlightenment, through the denial of earthly pleasures. Sharan remarked that he looked forward to the challenges of Darnall, noting, “No matter where you are situated on campus, Darnall, by some unexplainable force, is always a long, uphill walk away – a reminder that even returning home can sometimes require an immense challenge to one’s spirit.” Sharan also remarked that he approved of the dorm’s “commitment to protection of all forms of life, including rats and insects,” although he did express fears over the temptations of late-night Epicurean milkshakes, stating, “these robes are not one size fits all!”