The Georgetown Heckler

News | September 26, 2016

9 Most Memorable Georgetown Senior Pranks


1) Moving Healy slightly to the left (Class of 1975)


Talk about a campus shift! This minor change caused many students to bump into a myriad of doors, walls, and portals!


2) Monica Lewinsky Scandal (Class of 1968)


No explanation needed here. This one had us all on the floor!


3) Rolling clock hands back 24 hours (Class of 1998)


Classic! The whole school went to their Thursday classes on Wednesdays! Hilarious!


4) Removing John Carroll’s bones from his statue (Class of 1950)


Uh-oh! Luckily, the bones were recovered and placed back into the statue only a semester later.


5) Capturing Jan Karski’s Queen (Class of 2009)


Karski had left his queen out to dry for 20 years but the Class of 2009 was the first to capitalize on this error.


6) 2008 Financial Crisis (Class of 2004)


Gone too far? This one certainly rubbed plenty of people the wrong way, but will DEFINITELY be remembered for years to come.


7) Approval of Lauinger’s Design (Class of 1967)


Good ol’ Class of ‘67 sure wanted to make their impact! Buncha tricksters!


8) Stealing the Zarphlormi Time Machine and Hiding it in John DeGioia’s Undergraduate dorm room (Class of 2234)


Talk about a grandfather paradox! Too many space milks on one Friday night and the Seniors of 2234 disregarded continuity by casually gifting future Emperor-for-Life Degioia dominion over space and time.


9) Locking Vice President Hubert Humphrey in the New South Basement (Class of 1966)


Those rascals! LBJ had to scour the whole city to find his partner-in-crime because of these legends.