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News | October 5, 2016

THIS DAY IN HISTORY: Benjamin Harrison forgets to shave before seeing his mother



WASHINGTON, D.C. — Over 100 years ago on October 5, 1892, our 23rd President forgot remembered to shave for the first mother’s annual visit to the White House. Crowds flocked all the way from Baltimore to South East DC, hoping to see one of Mrs. Harrison’s famous wise cracks about her son’s unkempt nature. Once word got out that President Harrison woke up ten minutes late, however, the crowd immediately began to disperse. There exists little documentation which describes the forgone shaving procedure of that fateful morning, yet oral tradition suggests that President Harrison managed to “make sure a clean chinstrap shape was still there” before his mother arrived. Other events on October 5th: Christianity is disestablished in France and Portugal overthrew its Monarchy and declared itself a Republic.