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News | October 17, 2016

NHS Student Excited to See What Cool Diseases She’ll Get While Abroad



SANTIAGO — As NHS junior Jordan Smith (NHS ’18) discussed her experience abroad in a phone interview, she made sure to emphasize her excitement at the prospect of coming down with a cool infection or hosting an exotic virus that she would not ordinarily come across in Washington. “Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity to gain hands-on insight into your studies, and I just can’t wait to personally observe the effects some regional influenza, or God knows what, might have on me,” commented Smith, noting that skipped all mandatory vaccinations. “If I’m really lucky, I’ll get something like yellow fever, which will absolutely wreak havoc on my entire immune system and give me many excruciatingly painful symptoms that I’ll actually get to observe up close!” remarked the pre-med student. At press time, Smith was insisting on accruing “hands-on doctoring” experience by amputating her own infected foot without anesthetics.