The Georgetown Heckler

News | October 18, 2016

‘Unsung Heroes’ Frantically Fundraises for Suru’s Return Flight



photo from Unsung Heroes

HFSC — Having forgotten to purchase a round-trip ticket, the students of ‘Unsung Heroes’, scrambled throughout Monday night to raise the funds needed to purchase Suru Ripai a flight back to Washington. The student organization collected more than $5,000 in donations to send the cherished dining hall employee to South Sudan, the region from which he left 45 years ago, on a vacation he assumed included a return trip. “I want to be able to leave,” Suru told the Heckler via Skype, “I did not know those kids sent me here with no plan for return. This is terrible news.” Said ‘Unsung Heroes’ spokesperson Dave Porter (SFS ’18), “We promote awareness of and appreciation for those people whom Georgetown students often overlook or forget about or ignore or fail to pay attention to. The irony of this mistake is not lost on us.” At press time, employee advocates were looking into the additional cost of hiring Suru’s house sitter for an additional month.