The Georgetown Heckler

News | November 2, 2016

Looks Like Professor Going to Keep Lecturing Right Up to Last Fucking Minute



REISS — As the clock neared 6:10 PM this Thursday in Reiss, multiple students reported that it looked like ethics Professor Joanne Martin was going to keep lecturing right up to the last fucking minute. “Oh god, he’s introducing a new topic with only 5 minutes left in class. There’s no way this guy lets us bail even a goddamn minute early,” commented senior Maurice Stoll (COL ’17) as he began to stir in his seat. “There’s only three minutes left and this asshole definitely has at least two Powerpoint slides to go,” added freshman Karen Weiner (COL ’20) as he rustled the zippers on his backpack. At press time, the entire lecture hall was completely packed up and had one hand on their backpack as they waited for the Professor to hint towards anything