The Georgetown Heckler

News | February 1, 2017

Professor Ridiculed by Class For Open Tab of Boring, Unadventurous Pornography


After switching the projector on in order to show a relevant website, a Georgetown professor who wishes to remain anonymous was greeted by mass giggling at his sad, unadventurous choices in pornography. The inevitable explicit banners for popular pornographic portals on either side of the webpage showed, much to the professor’s chagrin, only the most vanilla of his tastes.

A student in the class reported “I really thought that guy could hang, but no way is he getting my respect if he watches the same porn I did when I was 14”. The students’ focus was completely lost as photo after photo of women who looked exactly like the professor’s wife flashed across the screen. The professor hurriedly attempted to open MyAccess to hide the advertisements, but the suggested search term of “Missionary within marriage” only exacerbated the situation.

Sources say the professor showed up to class the next day in a ball gag in attempt to regain his lost reputation of respectability.