The Georgetown Heckler

News | February 8, 2017

Philodemic Society to Debate “Resolved: Yes”


HEALY – The Philodemic Society, Georgetown’s debating club, announced Tuesday morning its next debate would be Resolved: Yes. “In the grand traditions of our 175 year old society, we gather to consider the eternal question: on the affirmation, yes, and of course, negating: no,” said Evelyn Mayer (COL ‘18), Philodemic’s president.

Members of the club agreed it was a debate addressing the pressing questions of the day at the deepest level, in concert with Philodemic’s debates, which often involve similar topics on philosophy, history, literature, and politics.

“I am developing a highly multifaceted, nuanced argument to seize the dialetic thrown down in front of the negation,” said member Wilberforce Bratton III (SFS ‘17). “It begins: No. No no no. Of course not. No.”

Other members cited the relevance of the debate to their courses, personal lives, and contemporary politics.

“It just involves so much of what we live and breathe, and really takes a novel perspective on those questions we ourselves face each day, like ‘Would you like room with that?’ ‘Did you go to class today?’ and ‘Is that your ferret?’ “ said member Brandon Blofeld (COL ‘18).

Officers in the club concurred that they looked forward to the debate. Emilie Hensforth (COL ‘19), Philodemic’s note-taker, said she looked forward to recording the debate in her book for all time. “It is my true honor as amanuensis to record the eloquence of the Philodemic, and this debate should be no different,” she said as she practiced her ‘y’ calligraphy.

At press time, the Philodemic was working to resolve a wording issue regarding the validity of ‘yup,’ ‘yeah,’ ‘nah,’ and ‘yee fam.’