The Georgetown Heckler

News | February 14, 2017

Neglected Work Order Prepares For Another Lonely Valentines Day


Valentine’s Day 2017 is filled with dread for a certain long neglected Georgetown University Work Order, who faces yet another February 14th alone. The disinterest of the facilities department stings the worst during the Valentine’s season, bringing up nostalgia for the bygone days of chivalry when maintenance requests were treated with compassion and respect. We are all reminded of all of the hundreds, maybe even thousands of neglected residential living work orders for light bulbs, strange noises, or dead animals which have gone unanswered throughout the years. Forgotten by most and loved by none, these requests are left with an ever-fading glimmer of hope for the day when the facilities department checks their email. This Work Order was last seen staring at the ground in Wisey’s waiting to buy some white wine.