The Georgetown Heckler

News | February 16, 2017

Scat-Master Beebop Johnson: “Wobba dobba shoo bopdiwop”


WASHINGTON, D.C. – After a tense, two-hour discussion on a variety of pressing political issues, the venerable Scat Master “Bee Bop” Johnson summarized the proceedings by stating, “Woo doo bop, shoo bop di wop wop zinga zoom baah.”

After such a display of eloquence, the conference room in which the discussions were held fell silent to hear out the cogent points made by Mr. Johnson.

“A ringading a tam tam di shoo bopdawop, gooba gooba zee sheeba loo,” the Scat Master continued, “rackatacka ga cha cha footootoo kimikimi razz ma razz dazz.”

“Bee bop” Johnson later that evening helped lead talks between Israeli and Palestinian representatives, citing important, bi-partisan concerns such as “Yo yo dinga tinga ma winga ra” and “Wee wa wee wa ha-ha.”

“A wop boo bop, di wop bamboo”, finished Mr. Johnson in his closing statements, making direct eye-contact between the now arm-in-arm Middle Eastern delegates. “Keekee ha kee ha do zoowo la bop bop”.

At press time, Mr. Johnson was seen conversing with the President, who was shaking his head in deep understanding as Mr. Johnson explained the necessity of “Dimi dimi kimi ha tata ka lo lo,” to the American people.