The Georgetown Heckler

News | February 22, 2017

After Long, Careful Consideration, the Heckler Officially Endorses Enushe and Chris for GUSA Executives


When it comes to a position as coveted and impactful as the GUSA Executive Office, one has to be prudent and careful before publicly advocating for a certain candidate. This is why, after long careful consideration of their commitment, work-ethic, and reliability, the Heckler would like to give our official endorsement to Enushe Khan and Chris Fisk.

This time last year, we did not feel that we had had enough evidence of Enushe and Chris’ competence and dedication. But after watching them work as President and Vice-President for nearly a year, we are ready to ask to the student body to give this duo their vote.

Enushe and Chris are immensely qualified compared to other candidates. It isn’t even a tight race. While tickets like Garet and Habon or Kamar and Jessica have done much for campus life and the student body, it simply does not compare in experience to having actually been GUSA President and Vice-President for 10 months.

What other candidate for GUSA can say they have already done this job before? What other candidate knows the ins and outs of the office? What other candidate has already been elected, a sure sign that the student body trusts them?

The answer is no one save our endorsement, Enushe Khan and Chris Fisk. They have worked hard to deserve this. Please vote Khan/Fisk, for a more of a GUSA that looks a lot like it did last year.