The Georgetown Heckler

News | February 27, 2017

“My Question Has Two Parts” Reports Annoying Student


WHITE GRAVENOR – Following guest speaker Randy Botolph’s talk about private sector prisons, student Andrew Cohen (SFS ’19) – better known as that annoying kid who sits in the front row – reported that his question would have two parts.
“By the time he had finished reading the needlessly long second part of his question, I had already forgotten the first part,” said Botolph afterwards, a small vein protruding from his forehead.
An anonymous poll, conducted surprisingly quickly considering it was a short lecture and everyone was supposed to be paying attention, revealed that an overwhelming percentage of the class had stopped listening as soon as Cohen announced the format of his question.
Due to a lack of time, the moderator was forced to skip over any questions from the panel of Justice and Peace Studies department faculty, who had specifically invited Botolph in order to gauge his opinions in relevant, controversial topics.
At press time, Andrew was still taking his sweet ‘ole time to thank Mr. Botolph for coming in and speaking to the class.