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News | March 12, 2017

8 Dream Jobs that You Should Have Started Pursuing Years Ago But Now It’s Too Late


8 Dream Jobs that You Should Have Started Pursuing Years Ago But Now It’s Too Late

College is filled with opportunity. The pursuit of a college education can open doors post-graduation, and if you work hard you might just be able to land your dream job for a successful, fulfilling life. Unfortunately, hard work isn’t everything, and more than half of your dreams are likely already dead. Here are 8 dream jobs that you should have started pursuing years ago, but now it’s too late.


1) Cardiologist

If you still think cardiology is in reach, you’re so far behind that you don’t even know how much you don’t know. Think about all of your classmates who do better on biology tests but study way less. Those are the doctors. Time to start pursuing something else before it’s too late for those careers too.


2) Singer/Musician

Oh please. All the pop stars are younger than you anyway, and if you were really that good somebody would have noticed by now. Look in a mirror. No one wants to see that.


3) Veterinarian

Do you dream of working with animals? Have you always thought you were good with them, and kept it in the back of your mind that you could turn that passion into a career? Well, it’s time for a wake-up call. You’re already years behind where you should be on that path by now. But hey, the world needs mailmen too.


4) Mailman

Oh. Yikes.


5) Actor

If you’ve successfully convinced yourself that being a Hollywood actor is still a possibility for you, congratulations: your pretending skills have won over a total of 1 person so far. Start working on being a better person yourself before you start trying to portray other people.


6) 73rd Duke of Cornwall Upon Thames

You definitely missed the bus with this one.


7) President

Yep, this one is out the window as well. You’re not nearly likable, charismatic, or successful enough, and it’s time that you come to terms with that. Besides, those questionable social media posts are already etched into the Internet forever. Those raunchy spring break pictures were definitely worth it, right?


8) The Guy Who Sits In The Bathroom in Fancy Restaurants and Hands Out Mints and Shitty Cologne

Actually, on second thought, this might be perfect for your skillset.