The Georgetown Heckler

News | March 22, 2017

Philosophy Major on LinkedIn Seeking Position as Philosopher King


GEORGETOWN – After finally taking time off from reading Nietzsche to consider his career path, philosophy major Christopher Peck (COL ’17) has changed his LinkedIn profile to say that he is seeking a position as a Philosopher King.

“I’ve been thinking about how to apply my coursework to make the world a more ideal place, and I think what makes the most sense for me is to try to look for a job as the Philosopher King of a new utopia.” Peck commented, while showing off his LinkedIn endorsements for skills such as theorizing the forms, discernment of Truth, and strong control over [his] tripartite soul.

“I couldn’t imagine a better job for me. My coursework definitely prepared me well for the duties associated with this job like pondering metaphysics and conducting thought experiments to build a theory of justice.”

However, at press time, Christopher did voice concerns about possibly needing more internship experience to get exposure to the work environment before committing to the career path of becoming the sole moral authority of the polis and arbiter of justice.