The Georgetown Heckler

News | March 16, 2017

Amazing! This sophomore learned Spanish to seduce elderly Hispanic women!


Sophomore Davis Buckley (COL ’19) had always had an interest in Latin American cultures. But he had never even been to another country or ever connected with someone from there on a personal level. It was a far away dream for him.

But, one day last year, Davis realized he could make a real connection right here in D.C. He started taking intensive Spanish and reached out to the elderly workers right here at Georgetown so he could talk to them and convince them to sleep with him.

He worked hard, day and night, learning phrases like como te llamas and ¿vienes aqui mucho? Once he perfected his accent and applied it to the ancient art of seduction, he learned the names of every elderly Hispanic woman in Northwest D.C. by frequenting a Latin foods grocery store.

“The only real way you can get to know another culture is to actually talk with the people, get up close and intimate with them, know the innermost parts of them,” said Davis, eyeing an abuelita who had just come into the shop.

This inspiring story of a student forging connections to far-off cultures gets even better when you hear what Davis does after he introduces himself to older, Spanish-speaking women and makes sweet love to them.

He sends them a card that says, “Muchas gracias por dejarme tener sexo contigo.” For us non-Spanish speakers that says – “See you later hot stuff.”

Davis says he is considering expanding his project by learning Chinese to forge new bonds with Asian dry cleaner workers.