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News | March 19, 2017

1 of 5 People Don’t Know They Have Schizophrenia and You’re Probably One of Them


A recent study from John Hopkins University has shown that as many as one out of five people in the United States are unaware that they have schizophrenia, and that there’s a good chance that you’re one of them.

The study explained that due to the reality-shaping nature of schizophrenia, many of those affected are unable to distinguish between their hallucinations and objective reality. Moreover, the study gave strong evidence that one of those delusional people is probably you.

The researchers went on to encourage as many people as possible to get a psychological evaluation in order to be sure that they are unaffected, but you should definitely get one because 1 out of 5 is a small number and it’s just your luck to be living in an imaginary world all on your own.

Without proper care, those suffering from schizophrenia but unaware of their condition will continue to slide down into insanity. The researchers concluded that is exactly what is happening to you, and why everyone is always giving you weird looks. Evidence suggests that it’s not your bold fashion choice, but rather your loud conversations with friends that are in fact just trashcans.

This study is one in an ongoing series of mental health studies, another of which gives reasonably strong evidence that you could also be suffering from multiple personality disorder.