The Georgetown Heckler

News | March 27, 2017

Report: Goggles Is a Funny Word When You Think About It Too Much


CAMBRIDGE, M.A. – A recent report out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has concluded that goggles is a funny word when you think about it too much.

“Goggles. Gog-gles. Gles, gles, gles. Gog Gog Gog. GAWWWWWWggles,” stated lead researcher Dunston Ferris, “Yup. At a minimum 5 times goggles repeatedly becomes a darn silly word.”

To further investigate the story, The Heckler decided to reach out to senior Linguistics major, Frank Johnson. “Well you see, one might assume this is similar to when that first time you realized weird was weird to say,” described Johnson, “but goggles is a funny word in and of itself. Goggles. GAW-ggles, goggles, Ga-Aw-Ggggggggles. Goggles. Yup, totally. Great research coming out MIT. Exceptionally funnier with each repitition.”

At press time The Heckler decided to say goggles a bunch. Here are the results: Goggles. GAAAAAgglESSS. G. Go. Gog. Gogg. Goggl. Goggle. Goggles. Nice catch, Dunston!