The Georgetown Heckler

News | March 31, 2017

Feminism Win! This Serial Killer Targets Men and Women Equally


In society, women are rarely given equal pay or proper representation in positions of power, but once in a while, a strong progressive is adamant about treating men and women equally. This man is exactly that, he is a serial killer who targets men and women equally.

According to numerous reports and research, serial killers often have strong bias along racial and gender lines.

Often times, inequalities occur because we are socialized to see women as sex objects and not as human beings, but this serial killer cuts right through that. He makes a conscious effort to see both men and women as human beings. In fact, his motto is “Everyone is different, everyone is a unique human for the taking.” Talk about a message of pluralism in action!

He even tries to share his message of equality with others, as he publishes his blood-stained manifestos about killing both men and women online on his website.

Perhaps one day, companies and society as a whole will also follow this man’s example in making sure men and women get truly equal treatment.