The Georgetown Heckler

News | April 17, 2017

Finally! The Definitive List of Georgetown’s Top Three Gothic Buildings!


Here it is folks. Someone’s finally done it. Over its many years as an institution of higher learning, many Georgetown students have wandered the sacred and historic campus grounds, perhaps eating a GUGS burger or just chatting with some friends about the latest pop culture.

But underneath all that mirth, they have been all secretly wondering the same thing: what are the top Gothic buildings on this esteemed campus? Well, let your ceaseless heart rest, students, because as of this morning – via a source that would prefer to remain nameless – it is finally here: the Definitive List of Georgetown’s 3 Gothic-Style Buildings.

Hold on to your socks, because here they come…

  1. Healy Hall.
  2. Copley Hall.
  3. White-Gravenor Hall.