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News | May 3, 2017

QUIZ: Is Your Medieval Studies Professor On Sabbatical Or Is He Sealed Inside This Old Mirror?


Is Your Medieval Studies Professor On Sabbatical Or Is He Sealed Inside This Old Mirror?

It’s high time section 05 of Medieval Manuscript Cultures 203 knew the truth.


1. When you interrupt your professor in the middle of lecture to say, “Yes, but when are we going to learn about Merlin?” how does he usually respond?

While your professor’s quirks might not have seemed odd at the time, in retrospect they may be the key to discovering his true fate.

  1. “Never speak that wretched name to me ever again! Out!”
  2. “Merlin is a legendary wizard who often features prominently in Medieval Welsh poetry.”
  3. “Merlin is my brother.”
  4. I can’t hear what he’s saying, but he’s muttering incantations under his breath.


2. At the end of the last class, how did your professor exit the lecture hall?  

  1. He vanished in a plume of purple smoke.
  2. He announced to the class, “I am going on sabbatical now. Do not come looking for me,” and walked out.
  3. He said softly to himself, “It is time. I need to go and find my brother.”
  4. He floated up and out the open window, carried by the breeze.


3. When you bought a Halloween costume labeled “Men’s Dark Sorcerer Costume Large” and walked into discussion section wearing it, what did your professor do?

Sure, the class was surprised. But what did Professor Paimpont do? Try to remember.

  1. He did not recognize me and asked if I was here to audit the class.
  2. He drew his wand and called me a “foul druid” while levitating my desk.
  3. He exclaimed, “Brother! I have found you at long last!”
  4. He did not do anything of note.


4. When you look into this cracked old mirror with a worn marble frame, what do you see?

  1. Nothing when I look at it directly, but with my peripheral vision I can see my professor.
  2. A vision of my professor backpacking through the mountains with his family.
  3. My own glum face.
  4. Merlin, the legendary wizard from Medieval Welsh poetry.


Look: No matter what score you received, I think it’s safe to say that there’s no way your Medieval Studies professor is on sabbatical. Now is the time to get out there and find him.