The Georgetown Heckler

News | September 13, 2017

Exclusive: Source Reveals Hurricane Irma’s Scandalous Past as Tropical Storm Cinnamon Starr


MIAMI, FL. – Irma. The name on everyone’s lips. She’s huge, powerful, and 100% in the spotlight. But who was Irma before all of the attention? How did a little tropical storm suddenly become the headline on the five o’clock news?
After a juicy insider tip about Irma’s origins, reporters did some digging in the warm, sultry tropics of the equatorial Atlantic. And while only a few people remembered anything about Irma before this year, everyone knew the story of a young heartbreaker called Tropical Storm Cinnamon Starr.
Sources say that years ago, Tropical Storm Cinnamon Starr was far from primetime material, preferring to stir up trouble after sunset over the mid-Atlantic. Apparently, when the pressure was just right, Cinnamon Starr could whip it around faster than anything in the Western Hemisphere.
Her name alone conjures a glint in the eyes of most of the sailors drifting around the tropics—all of whom have some stories to tell about riding out Tropical Storm Cinnamon Starr before she set out for the United States to make a fresh start.
But beyond her obvious assets, Cinnamon allegedly wanted more than to just settle down in the warm waters of her wild youth. Anonymous sources who knew her years ago suggest that she wanted more spotlight, more coverage, and new persona. So after cranking up her wind speeds and saying goodbye to her old haunts, Irma dashed north, leaving broken hearts and devastation in her wake.