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News | October 17, 2017

4 Things I Wish I Had Said To My Favorite Professor And 1 Thing I Did Say That Ruined My Life


We have all had that one amazing professor that completely changes our lives for the better. What can you say to a person who has had such a profound impact on your life? Sometimes it can be impossible to find the right words. Other times, you find the wrong words but say them anyway and it ruins your entire life. Here are some of the things I would say to that professor if I was given the opportunity, plus one thing that I regret that I said to him altogether because it destroyed all my hopes and dreams.
“You have inspired me to pursue my dream, which is to become a veterinarian.”

Thanks, Professor M.! Before I took your “Intro to Being a Veterinarian” course, I had no idea that this career path was available to me. Now it is my only dream.


“Your kindness and empathy towards your students has changed me to become a kinder person and a better veterinarian.”

Yep! It’s crazy to think that just one educator can have such a huge impact, but I can genuinely say you’ve changed me for the better. I just wish I had expressed my gratitude in person!


“I have learned so much from you about being a veterinarian that it seems unfathomable that there could be anything else to learn at all about being a veterinarian.”

I learned a lot, and had fun too. Now I am all ready to be a veterinarian. If only you could know!


“I want to be a veterinarian only so that I can have sex with animals.”

This is where I slipped up a bit. I actually told Professor Marshall this after class and he promptly called the police on me for saying things that are illegal. I didn’t even mean it. This topic was not covered in the syllabus and I thought shooting right out of the gates with it would provoke some interesting debate. Nope. I was arrested. Now I’m on all sorts of government lists and I’m not allowed back to school or any of the local petting zoos. My life is a disaster and now I’ll never be a veterinarian.


You totally set the bar for the term “fun professor”.

Endless jokes, “wacky Wednesdays,” it just doesn’t get more fun than Professor M!