The Georgetown Heckler

News | October 19, 2017

Romance Is Alive! MSB Student Forwards Internship Opportunity To His Crush


In an act of true romance, sources indicate that on Tuesday night MSB Student Gerard Hampton (‘19) chose to forward an email detailing a lucrative internship opportunity to his crush Suzanne Rice (MSB ‘20).

Hampton said that he knew he had to make a big statement to Rice that would “show Suzy how deep my love for her runs.” Hampton described his decision to forward Rice the internship opportunity as “exhilarating” and “true to his innermost self.” However, as late as Tuesday afternoon, Hampton had yet to decide how to demonstrate his love to Rice. Reports that Hampton had initially bought Rice flowers as well as tickets to see her favorite band play a small show at a local, intimate cafe were confirmed by sources at Johnson Florists and said intimate cafe.

Dean of the MSB Paul Almeida said that he believed Hampton “made the right call” by canceling the flowers and shredding the concert ticketing, opting instead to share information with Ritz on a financial internship. “We aspire to shape our students into shrewd decision-makers but also upright people in all parts of their lives, including their romantic life,” said Almeida. “Hampton acted selflessly and chivalrously by passing up that wonderful inroad into a major corporation,” Almeida explained. “What Hampton did was a passionate display of romance! I’m inspired!” Sources confirmed that immediately after our interview with the dean, he canceled his next day’s meetings and took his wife on a surprise trip to New York City to attend the actual opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange!

Explaining his reasoning, Hampton said “By forwarding her that email, I showed her that I believe in her dreams and that I understand them!” With a single tear rolling down his cheek, Hampton said, “We share that same dream: to make a lot of money!’