The Georgetown Heckler

News | November 2, 2017

Life Hack! Use Two Old Cans And Some String To Tell Your Housemates To Wash Their Fucking Dishes


He’s done it again. Your careless housemate, Brad, has left all of his dirty dishes in the sink. You’ve told him time and time again that this is unacceptable, sent countless text messages, and even wrote a passive aggressive email and cc’d ALL your housemates, even though you were clearly talking just about Brad. Nothing gets through to him. Luckily, there’s a solution that will let Brad know the error of his ways in a fun, quirky way. Just find any old cans, connect them with some string, hand one to Brad, and tell him to wash his fucking dishes.

The vibrations of your vocal chords are transferred by the string from can to can, allowing you to really let loose on Brad for his insensitivity and poor hygiene, while still keeping it light with a fun, simple craft project the two of you can do together! This convenient, easy, DIY solution not only works for unwashed dishes, but any and all household grievances! Cheryl keeps forgetting to take the trash out? Take this can, Cheryl! All your housemates being loud past 11pm while they’re hanging out without you? There’s nothing louder than clear, direct criticism delivered right through a can.

Simple, inexpensive, and proven, the old “two cans connected with some string” is sure to resolve all your domestic disputes, marital or otherwise.