The Georgetown Heckler

News | November 30, 2017

“Well, Technically” Begins Worst Person In Class



Apparently under the impression that he was teaching the assembled US Political Systems class, Jackson Wagner (SFS ‘20) made certain that the entire class knows that while the teacher’s interpretation of the reading was correct, at least on the surface, there were several major issues with it.  

While usually confining himself to scornful scoffing or disdainful laughs, classmates report that Jackson is really bringing out the big guns today, correcting the grammar of several students and even on one instance asking a fellow student if he had actually done the reading.

His generally abrasive personality usually wins him few friends, but even those ambivalent to him changed their opinion after today.  His classmate, Jan Silveri (COL ‘21), stated “Yeah after he weighed in on the validity of my deeply personal anecdote I pretty much zoned out, though I did tune back in when he attempted to delete one of the professor’s powerpoint slides he disagreed with.”

At press time Wagner could be found tearing up his classmates quizzes due to their completely objectionable premise.