Nickelodeon Sues Georgetown over Use of the Word “Guts”

Tuesday, September 23, 2003
By Tim Madrid

In a somewhat expected move, Nickelodeon sued Georgetown University over use of the word “Guts.” The Nickelodeon show, which was hosted by current star of CBS hit comedy “Yes Dear” Mike O’Malley, coincidentally had the same name as the Georgetown University Transportation Shuttle.

Nickelodeon executives refused to comment on the record, saying only “We can solve this by climbing ‘the crag’ or we can solve this in the court room.” But Georgetown representative Suzy Lawrence said, “GUTS was established in 1974to help students, faculty, staff and visitors travel to and from the University campus and nearby Metro stations. The television show Guts, on the other hand, first aired in September of 1992.” A hearing is scheduled for September 30th in District Court.