Wingos Introduces New Hot Sauce

Monday, September 20, 2004
By Administrator

Popular Georgetown takeout joint Wingos has always been known for their impressive line of hot sauces that truly knock your socks off. But this week, owner and co-founder Darryl Jenkins announced the newest and by far most lethal of all the Wingos hot sauces. The ultra spicy “Rwandan Genocide” will be much hotter than Wingos staples such as Nuclear and Abusive. The new hot sauce is part of Wingos innovative hot sauce classification system that uses words that connote death and destruction to give customers some idea of just how hot their mouth is going to get. Jenkins says a buffalo chicken sandwich with the new hot sauce is “like genocide in your mouth.” If “Rwandan Genocide” is any indication of how hot Wingos is going, the Heckler recommends bringing a UN Security Council Resolution for the Use of Force and a really big bottle of water on your next trip.