Senior Class Declares Second Auction For Non-Trust Fund Families A “Mild Success”

Monday, February 7, 2005
By Ludvig Borga

Capitalizing on the success of Georgetown’s first attempt to hold the entire student body upside down and shake the pocket change from them, the Senior Class held a second, less publicized auction for students and their parents who found the items donated at the first auction a little… “pricey”.

The “Second Class Auction”, themed “A Night at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards” (all the good award shows were taken), was held at the Comfort Inn off of I-95 in Gaithersburg, Maryland on Sunday night. Transportation buses left the Village C steps every twenty minutes in order to accommodate most families attending.

The bidding wars started quickly, as the first item went from $5 to $75 in a manner of seconds, awarding the highest bidder the privilege to mow the Leavey Esplanade before the graduation party that went for $13,000 at the first auction. “How could I not bid on this?” said Tom Davenport, Sr. “My son should be so lucky to be working for such wealthy individuals. You can’t pass up an opportunity like this.”

The event concluded with some of the more salivated-over items, capping off with lunch with President Jack DeGioia’s cardboard cutout at Leo’s for seven. Lunch went for $55, but with application for GoCard and meal plan, that cost will surely skyrocket.

Other items auctioned off to the “unwashed masses”, as a Georgetown administrator, who watched from the security office, referred to them, included: a litter of purebred stuffed bulldog toys from the bookstore, a stolen “No Left Turn” street sign, a set of furniture found in a Copley dorm room, a 5-day stay in a beach shanty in Seaside Heights, NJ (the house would be shared with Seton Hall Prep students on prom weekend), and the chance to help set up for next year’s Senior Auction. Surprisingly, the centerpieces from the first Senior Auction still could not be auctioned off. “Why would I bid on that piece of crap?” said one parent.

The event made a grand total of $412.03, which nearly doubled last year’s Second Class Auction total. The money raised will go to Jack DeGioia, who will in turn use it to help benefit the Georgetown lacrosse team’s alcohol fund for their next party. Participants in the Second Class Auction were reportedly not invited to the party. Said star lacrosse position-that-probably-scores-goals-or-something Connor Connorson, “Yeah, we were gonna donate an invite, but dude, check out this sweet lax stick I bought!”

Yes, it is sweet, Connor. Hella sweet.