Tuesday, October 14, 2008
By Readers Like You

“Brian Donelan” <bddonelan@yahoo.com>:


re Cocky Wacko:
cocks, pit bulls, and pigs: The barnyard is filling
up, the Catnip and Koolaid are abundant, and Orwell
was right.


Double-Speaking of barnyards, I guess it IS true:
you really CAN’T keep a good Ho-Down.

(Nohedint!  Yahedid.)

Also true: All guys are Richards.


COOTER!  Where were you old pal?  Noyedint!  Ah ha, oh man.  I miss our days back at spam camp.  You RICHARD!

“Susan Lang” <susan.lang@limeconnect.com>:

Please note the attached release (included below as well) and flyer that details a Monday, September 15th corporate recruitment event for Georgetown University students with disabilities.  If you should have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me at 212.521.4469, 813.758.0407 (cell) or via email.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of publicizing the event – many students with disabilities are not registered with disability services on campus, and media is an important resource that will help us to reach them so they can take advantage of the opportunity.
Susan Lang

Listen to Cooter, Susan.  You can’t trust the media and our double-speak.  We’ll probably tell these students with disabilities that giant corporations want to exploit them to make themselves look more compassionate, and that wouldn’t be true, would it?