Candle Vigil Held for Failure of Previous Candle Vigils

Monday, November 16, 2009
By Otto Foots

RED SQAURE—Students from a variety of campus groups joined together in Red Square Tuesday night to hold a candlelight vigil in remembrance of past candle vigils failing to usher in change.  “As we gather here tonight, we recall the pain and sorrow and wasted time candle vigils have caused us in the past.  For too long the simple, solemn imagery of the candle vigil has failed to arouse shame in our opponents and failed to ensure individuals and ideas were not injured or killed or defeated in vain,” said the lead speaker of the gathering, Catherine Dreary (COL ’11).  Over 40 students showed up to the event, each holding a candle that represented $100 million wasted in melted vigil candle wax in the world in the past five decades.  “This event is a call to action, an exhortation to America and the world to take the lessons of candle vigils seriously,” Dreary continued, “and I know for certain that what we have done here today will be remembered and followed for years to come.”