Fake Doctor’s Note Fails to Get Mescheriakov Out of Layup Drill

Monday, November 16, 2009
By Chet Berlinerblau

McDONOUGH—Despite its realistic letterhead and fancy cursive handwriting, a fake doctor’s note failed to excuse junior Nikita Mescheriakov from his basketball team’s layup drill on Sunday.  The note, which requested that the 6’7” small forward be allowed to sit out of practice as a result of “major appendicitis” and “also some headaches” was produced by Mescheriakov roughly 30 seconds after coach John Thompson III asked the team to form lines for their usual warmup.

“It was weird, because he looked like he was feeling good until Coach [Thompson] said we were going to do shooting practice today,” said sophomore guard Jason Clark.  “Then he started moaning real loud and grabbing his chest, even though I guess it’s his appendix that’s bothering him.  He showed his note to Coach, but Coach just shook his head real slow and got that look on his face like during the St. John’s game last year.  I can’t ever forget that look.”

After discarding the note, Mescheriakov returned to the layup line, where his first shot was reported to carom wildly off the side of the rim.