Black Student Alliance Asks That No Racial Misunderstanding Happen on Campus While They’re Hanging Out at Howard for the Weekend

Saturday, December 12, 2009
By Otto Foots

LEAVEY—In a press conference Wednesday, the Georgetown Black Student Alliance asked that student organizations and the student body at large not commit any acts of racial misunderstanding while the club and their friends are attending parties at Howard University this weekend.  “We’re not going to be around, so please do us a favor and not do anything racist, because we won’t be around to notice it and protest it,” said BSA president David Batch just minutes before departing with what appeared to be much of Georgetown’s black student population.  “And in the future, it’s best to contact us before you do anything racist, because you and most people you know aren’t going to know if we’re around that particular day.”  BSA held a similar press conference last month when people from Howard were coming to Georgetown for the weekend and the BSA were too busy to notice any potential racial misunderstanding.