Lau Not Up To Homeless Man’s Standards

Sunday, February 28, 2010
By Dick Trousers

LAUINGER–Washington, DC native and local homeless man Chester Walsh (GW ’76) was overheard saying that “he could do better” as he exited Georgetown’s Lauinger Library late Thursday afternoon. Though the library’s liberal entrance policies have earned it a reputation among the area’s homeless community as a popular daytime hangout spot, Walsh expressed disappointment with his experience.

“God that place is depressing,” said Walsh. “Just because my life isn’t full of fun doesn’t mean I don’t have any standards. I’d rather beg for ten hours in natural sunlight than spend one hour in that artificially-lit hellhole. At least at the corner of Wisconsin and M St. I don’t have to listen to Dave Matthews Band leaking out of some bro’s headphones for three straight hours.”