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News | January 1, 2015

SNAPs Officer Breaks Up Own Family’s New Year’s Party


ALEXANDRIA, VA — A Student Neighborhood Assistance Program (SNAPs) Officer visiting his mother’s house in Virginia reportedly broke up his family’s New Year’s party shortly after midnight.

Many of the partygoers, roughly two dozen members of the DeKalb family, discreetly exited through the back door after Duncan DeKalb informed the hosts that the family gathering had become too rowdy and disorderly.

“God, I hate SNAPs. What a bunch of killjoys,” said Duncan’s mother, Irene.

Still, DeKalb maintains that he was doing what was best for the community and the university.mtel-nova-godina

“Obviously they have a right to holiday festivities but around midnight I sensed things were getting raucous  and out of hand and neighbors could potentially get upset about a party going this late,” said DeKalb.

“We have to remember that Alexandria is a residential neighborhood and people go to bed early,” he added.

Shortly after midnight DeKalb discreelty exited the party, went to his truck, placed the SNAPs decal on the side and turned on his car’s amber lights.

“Things were getting out of control: people began chanting some type of countdown loudly, minors had champaign flutes,” said DeKlab.

A few moments later DeKalb knocked on the door and asked to speak with the owner of the house.

DeKlab declined to say what kind of punishment the partygoers would receive and stated that he would turn over “all necessary documents and statements” to the Office of Student Conduct.

The Office of the University President declined to comment on the matter but said it would review its neighborhood agreement with Alexandria, Virginia before moving forward.

Party attendees exiting the DeKlab residence expressed frustration with SNAPs but were reportedly “grateful it wasn’t Metro.”