The Georgetown Heckler

News | February 19, 2017

GUSA Candidate Probably Supports SAC Funding, I Don’t Know


GEORGETOWN – With the election for the Georgetown University Student Association’s presidential team fast approaching, analysts are suggesting that the candidates probably support continuing to fund SAC, right? I mean, I think so.

Through a series of targeted videos, which detailed the candidates’ teams, agendas, and major running points, the student body has a pretty good hunch that they want to keep giving money to clubs or something. It’s something administrative sounding, I don’t know.

“I mean, I guess GUSA manages clubs and stuff, so they’d want to keep doing that right? I know they really want to ensure that everyone on campus is aware that they are friendly and enjoy things that people enjoy, if that counts for anything,” said sophomore Angela Mariona (SFS ’19).

The four teams of candidates have thoroughly explained their platforms are at variety of talks, open houses, and debates, and spoke extensively on a bunch of acronyms that mean something or another, and a bunch of subcommittees to more effectively manage other subsubcommittees? Who knows.

After being reached out to for a clarification on a budget change, one candidate’s team responded, “we will do whatever it is in our power to ensure that GUSA has as much funding as possible while costing the students as little as possible and being as open as possible and as little impact as possible”. So that sounds pretty good, I guess.

A few campaign staffers were enthusiastic to let us know that their candidate would be the only one to “include others”, “curtail the administration”, and “do that thing they are meant to do with all the money or something.”