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News | October 2, 2017

Sad! Trump Just Replaced All The Bowling Balls in the White House with Tennis Balls That Look Like Bowling Balls


In a surprise reversal after years of presidential tradition, President Trump replaced all the bowling balls in the White House with tennis balls that look like bowling balls. This shocking shake up is coming after years of presidents and staffers alike enjoying normal bowling balls of ordinary bowling ball sizes.

Reports from inside the White House said that Trump had a heated confrontation with staff after realizing that the bowling alley did not have balls that fit his hand well. He immediately asked for the staff to remove all the bowling balls and convened with several members of his cabinet for a meeting on the matter.

“Clearly if someone as brilliant and athletic, perhaps the most athletic president in our history, did not like these bowling balls, then it should just be common sense that it is time for a change.” Sarah Huckabee Sanders said to the press today. “The President campaigned on a promise to change Washington and this was clearly a move in the right direction.”

The President also chimed in via twitter, saying, “Bowling balls bigger than inept democrats big government programs – sad! Replaced with much better tennis balls. #MAGA.”

However, many are disappointed with the change, with some critics considering it a debasement of the institution of the White House. What do you think? Chime in in the comments section below.