The Georgetown Heckler

News | October 14, 2017

The Rightest Way: If There Is Sexism In STEM, Then Why Are All The A.I.’s Women?


All we ever hear about nowadays from the screaming shrill left is sexist this, sexist that. Everything is sexist nowadays! Work is sexist; schools are sexist; pets are probably sexist; patriarchy this, patriarchy that, there is sexism everywhere! Well today I’m gonna tell you the truth about one of the big places that the REAL SEXISTS (A.K.A. the liberal left), are always calling sexist.

I’m talking about STEM. That’s right — Science and Technology. The Godless nerd land of Silicon Valley. Yes they are Godless atheists, except Peter Thiel of course, he’s fine.

Everyone is always making so much commotion about sexism in tech— special thanks to Huffington Post for the charity material they give to unemployed liberal college idiots. All I ever hear is there are no women engineers. Not enough women do math! Google sexist letter guy, Ellen Pao. Blah blah blah blah.

But nobody ever mentions what really matters: All these artificial intelligent beings are women. You ever see that Hollywood left-wing movie Her with large-pants Joaquin Phoenix? Yea it was a woman computer! Siri from the iPhone you say? Woman computer. Amazon’s Alexa? Woman computer. Microsoft’s Cortana! Do I even need to say anything else? How could it not be more obvious. There are plenty of women in STEM and they are not just women, but they are computers themselves! How the hell could men compete with that? Talk about reverse sexism!

So I’m not saying that the feminazis have secretly recruited our computers to their cause. And I’m not saying that this “sexism in STEM” nonsense is all a cover up to complete their infiltration into society, but I do think there is more than enough evidence to take a responsible look at this problem. And nobody thinks I show restraint or responsibility. Peace out, and don’t let them win!