The Georgetown Heckler

News | October 18, 2017

Hoya Sailing Team Sets Sights On Championship, Mountains of Plunder


NATIONAL HARBOR, M.D. – After another successful weekend for the Georgetown Sailing Team, expectations continue to rise to new heights. Currently ranked the No. 1 Coed team in the nation, many fans forecast a championship in the team’s future, or at least several brutal lightning raids on lightly defended coastal towns.

Senior Sailing Captain, Chip Lugworth (MSB ‘18), was very optimistic about the team’s chances. “We have a great team this year. Everybody is giving 100% and having fun, whether it be in a big race or the ransacking of a particularly stubborn stronghold.” Lugworth agreed with the high expectations for the Hoya Seamen, saying “I think we would all be disappointed if we didn’t come out of this season with a championship trophy and a chest or two of gold doubloons.”

The Sailing Team hasbeen historically plagued by injury. A record breaking season by the Hoyas two years ago was sadly cut short when a blast from a blunderbuss tore then Captain James “Three Finger” Shacklebolt’s (SFS ‘16) rotator cuff. Last year, the entire team had to be placed on the Disabled List when they were ravaged by a particularly nasty bout of scurvy.

Lugworth hopes to avoid these same fates by increased focus on stretching, nutrition, and dead of night ambushes.