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News | November 1, 2017

Want To Feel Old? This Is What The Holes From the Movie ‘Holes’ Look Like Now


I simply do not believe it: It has been 14 years since the classic comedy-adventure movie ‘Holes’ was first released. Wow. So much has happened in that time! Let’s check back in on the most memorable holes of the movie and see what they’re up to today.




Looking good, man! Believe it or not, this guy had a long and illustrious career after “Holes,” earning five BAFTA nominations and three golden globes. He is currently directing his own original series on Hulu Streaming.



Can you dig it? This gal has hosted Saturday Night Live a mind-boggling 19 times, beating out Alec Baldwin for the record. She and Baldwin are not enemies, though: they co-star as siblings in the quirky Broadway rom-com “Have You Met My Sister, She Is A Large Swath of Desert Earth” opening this fall! Tickets available now.



Hmmm… Okay, this hole was not in the 2003 laugh-out-loud hit movie “Holes,” good for kids and adults. Not what I expected. Let’s move on.



No, no, no. This is all wrong. This is not what I was looking for at all. Let’s try again.



Awesome, there we go. That’s better. We’re all set now – sorry about that. Anyway, this guy has had quite the showbiz journey! You may have spotted him in The Day After Tomorrow (2004), Sinking of Japan (2006), Magma: Volcanic Disaster (2006), and The Dark Night Rises (2012).

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Why is he always typecast as the flirtatious love interest, or the flamboyant comic relief? Well, my friend, it’s just what he’s best at.